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whoa [Sep. 3rd, 2005|02:02 pm]
Paranoia Agent Community


[music |Gorillaz/ Everywhere we go is dead]

this place is a little empty....so here's two pics i drew and a fic

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Fandom: Paranoia Agent (AN: i know huh?)
Gorillaz (AN: yup its a cross over!)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own anyone in this besides Ashlin Luthrain....

(AN: **squeals* * its starting!)

Chapter 1

Ashlin stood silently infront of her mothers grave. The wind pushed her shoulder length hair out of her face.

" No matter how hard it seems," Her mothers voice whispered in Ashlin's head. " There is always a better way"

Ashlin smiled at the grave, slowly kneeling down, she placed a rose next to the cold stone. Standing up she waved,

" Good bye, Mom!" she whispered happily. She turned on her heel and slowly walked out of the grave yard. She did everything slowly now that her mother was dead. As she exited the grave yard she turned down the street that led to her apartment. Ashlin stood about 5'5 and was only 15 years of age. She lived with her closes friends, Murdoc and 2-d. They were both 25 but she knew she could handle them.

Ashlin walked down the street with MP3 player in hand. The music was loud to her ears, due to the fact that it was turned up all the way. It was too late for anyone around this neighborhood to be out, they were either sleeping or inside. Ashlin got caught up in her song, and began to sing.


She busted out laughing. " That sounded bad," she says giggling " maybe I will hum it!" she she started to hum her tune, unaware of the evil that followed her. Ska ska ska, went his skates as his pace quickens.

Ashlin banged the MP3 player against her hand as it shut off suddenly, " Stupid thing..." she mumbled to it. Then a sudden feel of wet hit her nose. She looks up only to have the sky pour water down on her. " Rain..." She mumbles again. Sloosh sloosh sloosh, went his skates as it hit the wet pavement. He grinned as he became close to the girl he stalked since he saw her at the grave yard. She amazed him somehow, so he went after her. He would never go out of his way for someone who didnt need his, "help", but for some reason he felt that he should at least know her name.

For some reason, Ashlin felt sick. Is some one following me? she thought to herself. Sloosh, she heard from behind. Ashlin turned around quickly, but only to find and empty street. Ashlin started to remember Murdoc warning her about some 15 year-old killer who hit people with a golden bat. Lil slugger? she thought to herself. Suddenly she felt something tap on her shoulder, something... metal.

(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: sasukes_lawer
2005-09-10 12:03 am (UTC)
haha yeah the gorillaz are pretty delicous...had to put em in the story...i'll send tons of fanart now so yeah....maybe ill make a manga...who knows....anyway thanx for the comment..kay bye ^_^
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